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Case Study ( One Happiest Client – Electrolysis Hair Removal Treatment Completed from Doreen Electrolysis Hair Removal Centre – Sharjah – UAE )    


Name: Sana

Age: 32

Native: Iraq

Sana was a very beautiful, enthusiastic, and energetic young lady. Be it at work, at home, or in social gatherings, she used to be the life of any group and always had a smile on her face. Then she started having unwanted hair growth.

Though she felt bad, didn’t give much thought to it but just kept removing the unwanted hair on her own. But as the days went by, she had more hair growth on her chin, neck, jawline, and sideburns. Losing her self-confidence, she started avoiding public places, friends, and family.

After trying several hair removal methods, she finally consulted a doctor and found the root cause of the hair growth to be PCOD (Period irregularity). Treatment was started and she again went through many more procedures to get rid of the unwanted hair but to no avail. The various methods she tried to remove unwanted hair had its ill effects on her skin.

She didn’t know what more to do. and was on the verge of depression. That was the time her aunt’s friend told her about Doreen Electrolysis Centre, Sharjah. As Sana had tried and tested many, she was not very hopeful. But as her aunt’s friend said she herself has had a great experience herself with Doreen, as the last attempt, Sana decided to consult Doreen.

Within a few weeks down the line of starting the electrolysis treatment at Doreen, Sana realized the change in her. This gave her hope and vowed to herself that she will not miss the appointments. In three months, the unwanted hair growth was down drastically, and her skin was slowly coming back to its softer and smoother self. With prompt and regular treatment, in 12 months, it was down by 70% and an additional 12 sessions ensured she was completely free from the facial hair growth problem.

Doreen centres offered her lifelong guarantee for the treatment completed areas. So, Sana very happy to get rid of the problem, got back to her normal routines, and to being the life of the groups.

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