Doreen Permanent Hair Removal
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I used to fear electrolysis hair removal. Then, found Doreen and they convinced me on seeking the permanent hair removal. Glad that I opted their professional hair removal. Great services!

-Soumiya –Accenture Dubai Sharjah

If you have unwanted hairs, do not let it spoil your looks. Opt electrolysis at Doreen as I did and remove all unwanted hairs. Chose permanent facial hair removal and my face is glowing now. Thanks Doreen…

- Veera hats Dubai

I had very shaggy eyebrows. Consulted Doreen for eyebrow defining. Permanent riddance from extra hairs by electrolysis. Shaped my eyebrows well… Appreciate their professional help.

- Kimi Kerawala Sharjah

My sideburns were overgrowing. Had to fix the issues as it was spoiling my looks and affecting my modelling career. Reached Doreen.Got my sideburns cleared through their expert electrolysis services. Happy that I opted their professional help. Highly recommended for models.

- Lakshmi Prem

As women our life is dependent on how we carry ourselves and there is only a small amount of confidence a lady can have if she has facial hair problem.

Miraculously an aunt of mine introduced me to Doreen Electrolysis treatment. I was ready to trust her instantly because of how she assured me that she would provide a lifelong solution. I am 100% happy with the treatment provided by Doreen Electrolysis Centre.

I lost count of how many people mocked the fact that I had a hairy face. And to save myself any further embarrassment I tried several types of laser treatments but none of them was a permanent solution.

This treatment has been a life changer for me. I feel so blessed to be able to do the treatment. My face is now clear, soft and hair free. This treatment is a blessing and a miracle. Doreen deserves all of the trust they get.