Doreen Permanent Hair Removal
18 Years in Sharjah – UAE.
Thousands of Happy Customers
Lifelong Guaranteed


How is Doreen Different fromOthers?
Other centers offer only redemption of unwanted hair, at Doreen giveyour life long guaranteed treatment.

How does Doreen’s treatment work?
It is a procedure which involves insertion of a fine wire into the hair follicle, releasing a minuscule of charge at the hair route, there by cauterizing the blood vessel and preventing supply of nourishment to the hair. Once the cauterization has been done ,hair can never glow again from the same place

Is Doreen’s Treatment painful?
There will be no other feeling than a tickling sensation .You will not even know that the probe tip is being inserted. For your utmost comfort, the tiny current destroys the hair root instantly.

What is special with Doreen’s treatment?
Doreen used a flexible, insulated bulbous probe for electrolysis .it applies just enough current as is needed at the root of the specific hair to ensure a painless and scar-free hair removal. It is the most comfortable and fast treatment.

Is this treatment a permanent one?
Yes, Doreen’s treatment is positive and permanent way to remove your unwanted hair. However, you can consult your therapist to confirm it.

Can’t I just use threading, plucking or waxing?
These are not permanent methods. Hair grows back within a few days after you finish with it. More than that ,these ways just help the hair growth to increase. These methods can damage your skin.

Is it possible to remove all my hairs at a time?
No, only active hair can be treated and you need to follow the instructions of your operator to decide how many sessions to take

At what age can I have the treatment at Doreen?
Any age is right though , we don’t recommend treatment for women past 80 or girls who did not reach their teenage.