Electrolysis Hair Removal Treatment

Case Study ( A Satisfied Client – Electrolysis Hair Removal Treatment Completed from Doreen Electrolysis Hair Removal Centre – Sharjah – UAE )  


Client Name – Janney

Nationality – India

Age – 28Yrs

Janney, a vibrant young lady from India, was suffering from facial hair growth. It was a hereditary problem that was passed on to her from the maternal side. As her mother and grandmother were homemakers in a small village in India, they were least bothered about facial hair. However, for Jenney who worked her way to UAE and took up a job here, it was a big concern. When Janney raised the concern at home, they were of the opinion, it is unfortunate but a natural thing to happen and does not need any special attention.

Working as marketing manager of a reputed company, Janney had to face a lot many people in day-to-day life, and so was very keen to have the best looks. So, she tried out various methods available right from plucking the facial hair to laser treatment. However, it was of no use. As the years passed by the hair growth became more intense and thicker. This forced her to undertake the painful process of plucking the unwanted hair every day before going to the office. The pain and bleeding at the time of hair removal due to the unprofessional approach added to the shame and gave her sleepless nights.

Janney’s constant search for a permanent solution to her problem with known people and media finally gave results as one day in 2008, she came across an advertisement in Gulf News. The ad was of Doreen Electrolysis offering a permanent hair removal solution without any adverse effects and a lifelong guarantee to the treated area. She felt the urge to try it out so called the centre and got an appointment for herself. At the time of consultation, she took all the details and asked a lot of questions for clarifying doubts. As she learned more, she became confident to take the treatment and so started the treatment immediately.

Once the treatment started the results were obvious which made her very happy and continued the safe treatment to finish it on time. The most attractive and relieving part of the treatment for Janney was that she didn’t have to spend hours in front of a mirror plucking her facial hair. By the time, the treatment ended, Janney had learned a lot about various methods of hair removal through her research to find a solution for her own problem. She is convinced that only electrolysis by an experienced and professional therapist that Doreen centre provided could cure the hair growth permanently the way she wanted. The lifelong guarantee to the treatment completed area by Doreen makes her one of the happiest women in the world. 

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